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Peter Puklus

Based in Budapest, Peter Puklus is currently completing his DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) studies in photography. In his photographic work , storytelling plays a substantial role. Puklus attempts to link what he calls “general history” with the individual stories he sees captured in quotidian objects. Compiling trivial items — a piece of fruit, a pair of speakers, tulips atop a washing machine — he suggests, encourages reflection on the way the mind creates stories. The Hungarian photographer is also experimenting with other media such as sculpture – playing with everyday objects and visual conventions to capture life in its essence.

Recent solo exhibitions include: 2016: ‘New Works‘ at Conrads Gallery, Düsseldorf; ‘Unsafe to Dance‘ in C/O Berlin, Berlin and ‘One and a half meter‘ in Robert Morat Gallery, Berlin.In 2016; Painted plaster head, Unseen Photo Fair and Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2015; Texts and Signs, Trapéz Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2014; Handbook to the Stars, Foam 3h, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013; Peter Puklus, Trapéz, Budapest, Hungary, 2012; Handbook to the Stars, Lumen Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2011; Budapest Eden, Photoport Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010; Intimacy – No Title, SEDF, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2008.

Puklus has published several monographs and artist books. “The Epic Love Story of a Warrior”; “How Many People, self-published, 2015; Maquette of a Monument Symbolizing the Liberation, self-published, 2014; Handbook to the Stars, Stokovec, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia, 2012; One and a half meter, Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany.

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