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OHO Award – Slovenia

The OHO group award is the central national award for young visual artists in Slovenia. In 2005, it was founded by the PARASITE Institute. It was named after a leading neo-avant-garde group active in the late 1960s. The OHO group award is a member of the international Young Visual Artist Award network, which unites non-governmental organizations of Central and Eastern Europe. […]

The purpose of the OHO Group Award is to support young creators, to facilitate their creative journey and to accompany them from a marginal social position to a central social role, with an emphasis on positive context, innovation and creativity. The basic guidelines for the organization of the award are the openness and publicity of the competition, as well as the overall organization of the competition for young artists. The expert jury ensures that the winner of the tender and the award winner will be selected in a correct way, without prejudice, and that the decision on the winner will be based entirely on professional criteria.

Text from P74 gallery website


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